Real Gorgeous. Real Fun. Real Comfy.

Lovely locally made undies that we hope will lift your day... and your bum!

Welcome to Robyn’s Undies

(Well, they’re not actually mine, because that would be weird).

We’ve made these thinking about all the wonderful women we know. We juggle 50,000 things every day. We wake up to face our individual journeys: imperfect; chaotic and amazing. We usually chuck undies on without thinking before we hurtle out the door. We don't need to be told how we should look – but we thought it might be nice, to provide something comfy, joyous, and fun to start your day with. So, we’ve made you some beautiful super comfy undies to give you a leg up in the mornings.

The prints on these undies are from my amazing friend Karl Maughan’s famous artworks so they’re like a piece of art for your bum. We took samples from some of his works and popped them on some bamboo fabric so you can pop them on your bum. They are designed, produced, and manufactured by a team of women right here in New Zealand using ethically sourced, sustainable fabric, and water-based inks. We’re bringing you these undies with the help of Yellow. They’re amazing and have helped our business every step of the way.

And for the first production run, all of our profits go to The Aunties Charity.

In partnership with The Aunties charity

The Aunties are an organisation who provide sustained support for and walk alongside survivors of domestic violence.

They believe everyone has the right to be safe, to have shelter, to be fed, to be loved, to dream, to have their say, and to be heard. It’s about empowerment and love… and we’re all about that.

We’re proud to support and stand alongside them.

For our first production run, all of our profits go to The Aunties.


Yellow empowered Robyn to get a brand spanking new website up and running the same day with an easy-to-use, beautifully designed template.

Websites powered by Yellow also offered Robyn an Online Store add-on where she could load all of her products with sizes, prices and descriptions of her undies.

No design experience necessary, get yours up and running today.